Monday, March 8, 2010

I Didn't Do It, I Swear

So I try to do all of my "official" adoption errands sans Asher, just to make them run a little smoother, but that really only leaves me Tuesdays and Thursdays and if I EVER want to get this dossier sent off, and I DO!, then I need to start utilizing every day I've got. With that in mind, we took a family trip down to get fingerprinted on Friday. Jonathan came on his "lunch break" and we just knocked it out. Hopefully we won't get matched up with any unsolved crimes.... and on Monday I will go and pick them up along with a copy of our State of Texas criminal background checks. Then I can send a copy of our fingerprints to the FBI for our FBI background check, and I can check one more thing off my list. HOORAY!!! I love making those check marks! Okay, confession, I LIVE for making those check marks. Sometimes I will make a half of a check if I have done part of a line item, just so I feel like I am making some sort of progress.
While Jonathan and I were getting our fingerprints electronically scanned, Asher became increasing interested in having his fingerprints done. The girls doing the fingerprinting were extremely nice, and they let Asher take his very own set of real ink fingerprints. He got to write his own name on his own card, then they took him the real ink block and took his whole set, both hands. He loved it! They were super patient with him and even gave him candy. I know all the cliches about government offices and so on, but they were just the opposite. They absolutely made his day, and therefore mine. Although, I don't want to see him giving his fingerprints again for a very long time! And even then it better be for a good cause!!

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