Sunday, June 20, 2010

Will She Ever Wear Normal Clothes Again?

Adeline turned two on June 15th and she is getting cuter by the day (non-biased parent alert). My mom gave her a bin of dress-up clothes and accessories, including her all-time favorite of high-heels, and its like this girl has been born-again. She changes clothes multiple times a day, and insists on wearing items like her "paws" (translation: gloves) in public. Other new favorites to sport out and about on routine shopping trips to the grocery store, or even the swimming pool, include: a Hello Kitty nightgown, plastic high-heels with a pink poof at the tip, a dance leotard and tu-tu out-fit, a fairy-dress, butterfly wings, furry masks, beads!, and of course, a girl has got to have her purse and sunglasses. Soooo, does this end before or after she turns 16??

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just Plane Disaster

So I just got back from a visit with my family up in West Virginia. It was an interesting trip. I flew with both the kids by myself for the first time since Adeline stared walking. My time there was great (minus the fact that I got a little stomach bug); we celebrated my cousin Katie graduating from medical school at UVA (and BONUS, she's going to do her residency in pediatrics, so now I get to call her at all hours of the night with annoying questions about my kids diarrhea and fluid intake) and Asher and Adeline got to spend lots of time with Pops and Packy. The interesting parts were the flights there and back. Apparently Adeline is allergic to flying. Or just has a propensity to throw up on airplanes. Or gets extremely airsick. Or all of the above. All I know is that throw-up happened all over me on the way up there and that Adeline arrived wearing a Delta airlines blanket. On the way back she woke up at the gate and then threw up all over Jonathan as soon as we hit baggage claim. So... I started thinking I would just never fly again. We drove at Christmas and it wasn't that bad. And this was really bad. Really really bad. Vomit in the hair bad. No extra clothes bad. Screaming freaking out Asher bad. Trapped on the tarmac due to weather for almost three hours bad. With no air conditioning bad. And this trip was only half-way across the country, you can imagine the scenarios going through my head of what a trip half-way around the world looks like. Obviously flying to Africa will be required, I'm just hereby committing to everyone I will be packing a carry-on bag full of extra clothes for not only the kids but for me as well, complete with soaping towelettes and plastic bags!!