Wednesday, April 7, 2010

a Reblog

from Heather's blog at Sit a Spell, something so great I wanted to to retweet it, only I don't twitter, I only blog, so here I am, reblogging it:

We may have issues. Can we in the least admit that? Maybe the issue is our hard hearts. Maybe the issue is that the church as a whole is not talking about adoption enough. Let's not get defensive. Let's just admit that there are a whole lot of orphans out there being neglected and a whole lot of us doing nothing to care for them in their distress. Let's quit defending ourselves and simply admit...crap. There's a lot of orphans. There are a lot of Christian families. This discrepancy is a problem.

And now for a can of worms: You guys out there adopting from Rwanda, with or without an agency, who HAS or IS planning on sending their dossier without CIS approval and who HAS NOT. What has anyone heard about this? We thought this was totally fine to do, and had heard from multiple places that we DID NOT have to wait on CIS approval to send the dossier, that we could send the approval along when we got it to our POA and he could put it in.Now we are hearing the opposite - that we need to wait for approval to send our dossier. We were planning on sending our dossier off in a matter of weeks, so this would be a major time delay if we have to wait on CIS; however we don't want anything to go wrong over there. I know what the Migeprof website says (to have approval in your dossier) but we were under the impression that as long as you had it by the time you went to court you were fine - anyone know anything???


  1. Wish I could help. All I know is that we are using an agency and they had us wait until we got USCIS approval before sending off our Good luck and hopefully you can send it off before.


  2. We are using an agency (Gladney). The way they are having us do it is to have CIS approval before sending our dossier.... don't know if that is a requirement or just the way they do it to be safe...

  3. We are adopting independently, with the help of Mugisha Ministries. In the timeline from Mugisha, you wait until you have USCIS approval before sending. Tina has adopted from Rwanda herself, has helped about 12 families complete adoptions there, and is in the process of helping about 20 more. She knows what she's doing. I've never heard that it's OK to send the dossier before having USCIS approval (that's what we're waiting for).

    Good luck!