Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Paper Chase Progress!

With only one more day left of Mother's Day Out before Christmas break, i.e., before the Asher man invades the house for good and things get exponentially louder and messier around here, I used today to really get some paperwork crossed off our dossier to-do list. I sort of felt like I was back in college writing a paper for an English class. I had some full on writer's block on my Letter to the Ministry for Request to Adopt. I mean, its just one page on the age and gender of our future children, a brief description of our family, and our reasons for adopting. These are things I know. I talk to people about this at least a couple times a week. Every time it comes up that we are adopting, people want to know why, and honestly, I love to tell them. I love to talk about adoption, how sometimes I feel selfish about, like I am getting the way better end of the deal, about the need for Christian families to stand up and start being known as a people who adopt orphans, regardless of race, age, gender, or special needs. So why all of a sudden did this one page piece of paper terrify me so much? It was the fear that saying the wrong thing could somehow blow this whole thing. A "rambunctious" five year old? Oh well, count them out. Maybe I should say "active" instead.
And what is fear but the absence of faith. You know what I am beginning to think this adoption process is? It's God's biggest lesson ever on faith and trust. Haven't we already trusted Him that our children are in Rwanda, chosen for us? So how can I, mere me, mess this whole thing up with a few words out of place? Obviously, I can't.
So with that new perspective in mind I finished three whole papers off our checklist today! Baby steps towards our babies!


  1. This is a very good post. I am at home right now, surrounded by papers, brow furrowed sometimes as I read and reread a document. This was a very good reminder. Thanks, friend.

    ps I just wrote a whole essay on my child rearing philosphy. Er, what?