Sunday, June 20, 2010

Will She Ever Wear Normal Clothes Again?

Adeline turned two on June 15th and she is getting cuter by the day (non-biased parent alert). My mom gave her a bin of dress-up clothes and accessories, including her all-time favorite of high-heels, and its like this girl has been born-again. She changes clothes multiple times a day, and insists on wearing items like her "paws" (translation: gloves) in public. Other new favorites to sport out and about on routine shopping trips to the grocery store, or even the swimming pool, include: a Hello Kitty nightgown, plastic high-heels with a pink poof at the tip, a dance leotard and tu-tu out-fit, a fairy-dress, butterfly wings, furry masks, beads!, and of course, a girl has got to have her purse and sunglasses. Soooo, does this end before or after she turns 16??