Saturday, November 28, 2009

Filling in the Gaps

Since flying off to Rwanda with no paperwork and demanding a baby would get me nowhere, life goes on. Busy busy life goes on. Christmas cards, Christmas parties, advent, cookie exchanges, Christmas shopping, Christmas travel (road trip!), a five-year-old birthday party to plan and throw, you're eighteen months old and you're still only eating five things?! life goes on. Still, my missing children are never far from my mind. I wonder if next year at this time I will know who they are. Will I have a picture? Will I, like so many families this past month, be praying for a November court date? Will I get the best Christmas present ever next year? I am ever hopeful. I love that my God is the God of time, that His ways are not my ways, that He gives us more than we can ever ask for or imagine. Life in the gaps.

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